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Welcome to the Eco World Products Store. Your one stop source of compostable products.

Several years ago we were intrigued in the expanding amount of products claiming to be compostable or biodegradable and other such claims, and like many people became confused, but also at the same time curious in the whole concept of compostable materials for use in everyday life.

After several years of studying the marketplace we found that there are numerous examples of quality, life changing and environmental preferable products in the marketplace, but finding which ones are best or in fact proper ones is a daunting task. So we decided to open up our own source for others to be able to use it as an easy to use, authentic and standards adhering supplier of some of the finest and most environmentally friendly and renewable products in the marketplace, and at reasonable prices. Not to mention a wide selection from which to choose, with the product mix constantly adding new and ingenious products for your use in homes, small business, schools, churches, picnics, tailgating and the list goes on.

Why we like fully Compostable Products

We have been constantly asked and questioned in our own research if green natural fiber or plant based plastics waste are better than petroleum based waste (the majority of which cannot be recycled)? Our answer is most definitely yes!

The primary benefit of compostable products is that that they are made from plant-based raw materials. Crops like wood fibers, Bamboo, Sugar cane fibers along with sugar based plastics are used, which are annually renewable. Using compostable food packaging is an alternative to using petroleum based products – a raw material that takes a long, long time, (literally a million years or more) to generate and currently used at an unsustainable rate.

The compostability of the product is the second major advantage. Best-case scenario is that all your green waste gets composted. Green waste is any organic material that can be composted, like your kitchen scraps and compostable food packaging.

So, we invite you to look over our product wares and see how we can serve you today and into the future to help for the future of the globe for all of us.

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